Fliegen Works Inc.
921 SE 47th Ave.
Portland, OR 97215
P 503.221.4001
F 503.262.7476

Fliegen (flē gen) v. German To fly.
Fliegen Works (flē gen werks) v. German + English To fly intelligently.
Our Mission: To provide professional engineering services to the aviation industry in a timely manner.


Through our Parts Manufacturing Approval, (PMA,) Fliegen Works Inc. manufactures custom and production aircraft parts. Prototype & one-off parts can be made with DAR conformity for installation on aircraft. We generally manufacture for clients where they handle all sales, but Fliegen Works Inc. does manufacture a line of Antenna Doublers which we sell directly to installers on a project basis. Please see the Antenna Doublers page for more information.

List of Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Low volume aircraft parts and assemblies
  • One-off flight articles
  • Sheet Metal Fabrication
  • Machining
  • Welding
  • Electrical