Fliegen Works Inc.
921 SE 47th Ave.
Portland, OR 97215
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Fliegen (flē gen) v. German To fly.
Fliegen Works (flē gen werks) v. German + English To fly intelligently.
Our Mission: To provide professional engineering services to the aviation industry in a timely manner.

About Fliegen Works

Fliegen Works Inc. provides Designated Engineering Representative (DER) certification services to the aviation industry, allowing for FAA compliance of aircraft modifications, installations, and repairs. Our staff specializes in the structural approval of:

  • Antenna installations
  • Damage, cracks, and corrosion repairs
  • Engine conversions and engine mounts
  • Float installations
  • Avionic structure and instrument panel support
  • Camera installations
  • Sensor or instrument installation
  • Medical equipment installations
  • Interior combi conversions
  • Cabin equipment racks

Fliegen Works 208 Paper Airplane Pattern

Fliegen Works Piper Cub Paper Airplane large

These are fun little paper airplane patterns that are loosely modeled after the Cessna 208 and Piper PA-18. They require cutting out and gluing together. Assembling them takes about 40 minutes each. Then let them fly!

Fliegen Works Inc. also manufactures custom and production aircraft parts certified through our Parts Manufacturing Approval (PMA), and prototype/one-off parts with DAR conformity for installation on aircraft.

Our customers include FAA repair stations, avionics shops, aircraft owners, and manufacturers of aircraft modification parts. We also help individuals whose core business is not aviation, but who use aircraft as part of their job and need an aviation-related product to be FAA-certified. To see a complete list of the aviation and certification services we offer, visit our Services page.

Micah Hamley, P.E., DER, President of Fliegen Works Inc. has an Aeronautical Engineering Degree from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.  He has completed over 300 certification projects including Major Repairs and Alterations, Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) projects, and production support. These projects include the range from large projects such as engine changes, turbine conversions, float installations, and camera installations to small projects such as antenna doublers, crack/corrosion repairs, and substitution of hardware.